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We provide specialized Sales and Technology leadership recruitment solutions for mid to senior management roles, customized to your unique hiring needs.Leveraging our market insights and expertise, we deliver top talent with a significantly reduced time-to-fill (TAT) compared to traditional firms.

Executive Search

Our complete hiring solution covers every step of the process, from understanding your needs to offering assistance during the onboarding phase whether its contingent or retained search.

Talent Mapping

Our efforts are unique and go beyond conventional methods by actively exploring varied channels. This enables us to identify sales and tech talent that would resonate with your customized business needs and the culture of your company.

Outsourced Hiring (RPO)

Serving as an extension of your recruiting team, we offer support and expertise tailored to your requirements. We have the flexibility to manage the entire process or specific stages as needed. 


We leverage advanced data analytics and an in-depth knowledge of industry to identify candidates with the right combination of skills, experiences, and perspectives.

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