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Emerging Companies

Achieving Success in Private Equity and Startup Ventures through Top-notch Sales and Technology Leadership

Private Equity

Success in Private Equity today hinges  on having top-tier sales and technology talent. While revenue growth remains the most important objective, the investment landscape places a premium on possessing a talent advantage. Effective sales and technology leaders will bring in differentiated business results and outcomes.


Today, the startup ecosystem has undergone an evolution driven by  innovation and adaptability. At the core is a heightened focus on cutting-edge technologies, where Gen AI, blockchain, Machine Learning, etc., have assumed significance in solving real problems. . These startups are redefining businesses and driving dramatic change, often in traditional industries. In this dynamic landscape, differentiated sales and tech leaders serve as a catalyst, charting the path towards enduring growth.

Kaiwa for Growth

Kaiwa Search, with its specialized expertise in recruiting sales and tech leadership, can play a key role in  enhancing the value of investments. Whether you're a startup or a PE portfolio company operating in the US or expanding into the US market, Kaiwa Search is well-equipped to assist you in establishing highly effective sales and tech organizations.

Our Promise

  • To Get You a Right Match: Kaiwa is dedicated to identifying differentiated  sales or tech executive, an ideal candidate with the aptitude to thrive within a culture of growth. Our executive search methodology encompasses the candidate's qualifications and their alignment with your organization's culture, values and vision.

  • To Fit Your Budget and Offer a Tailored Solution: Kaiwa understands that emerging, growth-focused companies often have budget constraints. Our tailored solution, paired with a flexible pricing structure, ensures that you get the utmost value for your investment in acquiring sales talent.

  • To Give You Access to Top Talent through a Vast Network: Kaiwa Search possesses a deep understanding of the growth landscape, bolstered by our expansive network of top-tier sales and tech talent. This combined expertise and network empower emerging companies to discover the ideal match with a significantly reduced turnaround time (TAT).

  • To Reduce Your Risk: Kaiwa collaborates with emerging companies to identify the "ideal fit" by employing a thorough evaluation process and rigorous reference checks. This approach minimizes risks and guarantees well-informed choices for your sales and tech leadership roles.


Kaiwa Search brings specialized expertise, extensive networks, and a systematic approach to sales and tech recruitment in private equity portfolio companies and startups. Contact us now to initiate your journey toward exceptional executive sales and tech recruitment.

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