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Outsourced Hiring (RPO)

Empowering organizations - Outsourced hiring for Sales & Technology

In the fast-changing business landscape, the importance of effective and highly skilled sales and technology teams cannot be overstated. While the sales team focuses on driving revenue through customer engagement and transactions, the tech team enables and enhances these efforts through technological support, innovation, and infrastructure, playing a vital role in the overall success and growth of the organization.

However, for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and growth-focused early-stage companies, the task of finding the right sales and tech talent, especially for executive-level positions, is a formidable challenge. Our Outsourced Hiring (RPO) service for Sales and Technology provides a robust solution to address this challenge.

At Kaiwa Search, we possess an understanding of the talent landscape, particularly for mid to senior management sales and tech roles within small and medium enterprises and growth-oriented companies. We have developed an outsourcing recruitment framework that helps streamline the hiring process, thereby reducing the time-to-fill (TAT) for critical sales and tech positions and increasing the probability of success.


Through our RPO service tailored for Sales and Technology, we bring scalability into your operational workflows, while offering cost flexibility. Our RPO partnerships are crafted and priced to align with your unique hiring requirements. We adopt multiple approaches and flexibility in recruiting sales and tech executives. We can either assume end-to-end responsibility for your entire mid to senior sales and tech recruitment process or selectively manage parts of the process. In essence, we function as an extension of your recruiting team and can provide support and expertise.

Our RPO Process

  • Defining Search Criteria: We collaborate with organizations to gain an understanding of their sales and technology leadership requirements, meticulously defining criteria for potential candidates, such as qualifications, experience, and cultural compatibility amongst others.

  • Identifying and Attracting Talent: Leveraging our extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the sales and technology talent landscape, we proactively seek out and attract a diverse set of candidates who align with your needs.

  • Assessing and Presenting Candidates: We administer candidates a rigorous assessment, including interviews, reference checks, and competency evaluations, resulting in the presentation of a select group of highly qualified individuals. 

  • Facilitating the Hiring Process: We guide organizations through the stages of the interview and selection process, and in assisting in negotiating offers.

The Distinctive Edge of Kaiwa Search

  • Beyond the Resume: Our framework transcends the mere surface of shiny resumes. We delve into critical aspects like cultural alignment, leadership style, and long-term compatibility with your organization's core values. It's about identifying leaders who seamlessly integrate and drive success.

  • Diversity Fuels Innovation: Our services provide access to a diverse and varied talent pool, each candidate bringing unique experiences. At Kaiwa Search embracing diversity isn't just a buzzword; it's a catalyst for innovation and growth.

  • Embracing Best Practices: Recognizing the current skills gap and the fiercely competitive hiring landscape, it's imperative to leverage networks, emerging tools, and strategies to gain a hiring advantage. As your specialized RPO provider, we enhance or develop new competencies in sourcing techniques.

  • Makes Scalability a Possibility: Our tailored approach and flexible pricing help growth companies transform scalability into an achievable objective without the escalation of fixed expenses.

For further information about our specialized sales and technology talent search solution, please reach out to us at We would love to partner with you to address your Sales and Technology hiring requirements.

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